A quickie.. maybe not

Sitting peacefully here in my home, sated by a mellow apertif and good meal, it seems like an uneventful week, but looking at it day-by-day, perhaps it’s been remarkable. A friend has been shopping this week due to a crash with a car. That’s rather eventful. We lazily, lounged in on Sunday, expecting snow, and actually got a yardfull. Though I didn’t get a lot of cycling done, I did a great 35 miler on Wed on my road bike. That’s probably the first serious ride I’ve done on her in 11 months. Cycling on drop-style bars was painful on my hands. They have gotten very used to my J-bar.

While cycling on Wed, I got to ride with a much loved friend who has a SEVEN bike. It has disc brakes and internal hub gearing, a drive belt, rather than chain, and beautiful, comfy looking handlebars, somewhat like the H-bar I originally wanted. It would be so awesome to have bike like that. She is such a generous, sweet, friendly person, that she deserves all the cool things that can possibly come her way.

While preparing for my upcoming tour, I discovered that it will cost me $200 to ship my bike, whether I fly it with me, or UPS ship, or FEDEX ship, so I began looking into buying a used touring bike at my destination. I’ve found one I really like and when I deduct the $200 that I would spend on the shipping of my current bike, the new one is steal. And, it’s in my size. If you remember, my current bike is 2 cm too large for me. It’s also a very pretty color ;9)

Haven’t decided 100% whether to buy this bike, but must make the decision before it sells.

The hubster and I rode 12 miles tonight. I rode the recumbent and had a glorious ride. Of course, in true Spokie fashion, once I got home and was cycling through the yard, to put the bike in the english basement, I fell off 😀 This always makes me laugh, because a fall from my recumbent into grass, or mulch is such a fluffy, low impact crash that it makes me lose myself in laughter. Good day. So far, a 47 mile week. I’ll need to really log some miles tomorrow to be in “conditioning” mode. Instead, I’ll just meet up with my Saturday bikelings and we’ll cycle up to Ashland together. We will get around 32 miles. If the hubster takes pity on me, we may ride another 10 or 12 in the evening, but that still leaves me pitifully short of a 100 mile week.

There are other rewards in life, however. I did, as usual get to spend the day with my Dad and we got to go to the orchid show. He was very happy to purchase some lovely little ladies for his place, and I was happy to see some beautiful little ladies that I’d like to add to our collection “once upon a time”.

Go make your own breeze and remember: if you’re not having fun; you’re in the wrong gear!



About rivercityweaves

I'm a mom, wife and fiber artist, living in rural Virginia. On days I'm not creating fiber art or teaching others how to, I'm probably saddle surfing on my Bianchi, or laughing with friends.
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