The Maynard G. Krebs (The G stood for Walter) of Cycling

“Work!” Maynard would do just about anything to avoid even saying the word, let alone performing any. I may not be that bad, but cycling isn’t about work for me. I tend to avoid it. But today, I cycled with a group that sent my inner Maynard packing.

The parking lot at Food Lion already had 2 riders prepping when I arrived. They were not in our usual “out of the way” parking location, so I stopped to mention to them our philosophy on parking on the side of the bldg. and was greeted with the most pleasant temperament you an imagine. Warm smile, friendly compliance… eagerness. I liked this guy immediately. Once the cars were moved, we began introductions. Turns out, he and I had ridden our first “registered” ride together over in Powhatan in 2010. It was the Powhatan Historic Bike Tour . Dan Cosby was there, and another guy I had seen last week at Ashland Coffee and Tea (affectionately referred to as ACT by the RABA crowd). As we milled and waited for 8:30 to arrive, Dan regaled us with his tale of running over his bike and destroying the frame and of his new, deliciously lovely bike.

Pat arrived. Then Kaye arrived. Kay was one of the folks who had come later in the morning last week, and she opted to wait for the rest of her “crew” and they would ride together. We set out promptly at 8:30 in traffic that was heavier than usual. Fortunately, we had a friendly morning with the motorists. No blaring horns or road hogs. There were a surprising lot of cyclists out on our route this morning also. It was a lovely morning at about 42 degrees, which is a little warmer than it has been.

Steven, the guy I had ridden with a couple of years ago turned out to be as good a companion as he had been on that tour. He is very positive, engaged and engaging. He is a fifth grade teacher, and reminds me a lot of my middle child’s 5th grade teacher. Probably her favorite teacher, to this day. Steven and his friend and co-worker Will looked a little intimidating in their cycling get-ups and their muscular legs. I kept telling them that Dan would give them a great “run for their money” if they wanted a faster pace. They declined and we all enjoyed cycling together. All of them waited for me occassionally, though. You know how I hate to make anyone wait for me, so I got a good workout.

Dan only stayed with us for 4 miles, then, in true Dan fashion, he whizzed out of sight. Did 30 of his 50+ miles,and got to ACT just minutes after us (we did 16 to ACT).

Pat was fairly quiet. At some point, on the way back to the start point, we got to chat and I’d really enjoy cycling with her some more. I’ll have to take the Bianchi to some of these rides, and actually try to get some exercise and make “keeping up” a little easier. Today, I had Itzhak and had taken off the handlebar bag and tied a milk crate on the front rack. It was to provide a place for my clothing that I suspected would get peeled of as the day progressed. As one of the guys mentioned, it looked a bit like Elliott as he cycled into the air with E.T.

It was a great day, I met new people that I really like. As a matter of fact, Will blogs and here is a link to his blog: Can’t wait to get to know him better AND his wife is recently retired. I wonder if she might be interested in some weekday rides with me?????

For now, gotta go.

33 miles today.

Go make your own breeze and remember: if you’re not having fun; you’re in the wrong gear;0D


About rivercityweaves

I'm a mom, wife and fiber artist, living in rural Virginia. On days I'm not creating fiber art or teaching others how to, I'm probably saddle surfing on my Bianchi, or laughing with friends.
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2 Responses to The Maynard G. Krebs (The G stood for Walter) of Cycling

  1. Steven Kaminski says:

    Enjoyed our ride as well. You made me laugh about the fancy get-ups and I don’t know about the muscular legs — probably just thermal tights plus a chamois that feels diaper-like too often. Great seeing you and catching up with all you’ve done and are planning on doing. Looking forward to the next one… Be safe out there!


  2. rivercityweaves says:

    Love your attitude! Hope to get more time with both you and Will. And perhaps I’ll get to cycle some with Will’s wife;0)

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