Forgot to post pictures of some San Diego fun!

My last day in San Diego, Yvonne picked me up at REI after I dropped my bike off to be shipped and took me to Old Town to visit the last place on my list that I hadn’t visited. We had a good time and a great meal.

Yvonne is one of the two ladies I met who invited me to church. She is the lady who took me to Goodwill to get some clothes to walk around in. Although a new friend, she is a wonderful friend. Very generous of heart.

I love succulents, and California is full of them. This part of San Diego was very decorated with them, so I shot several pictures of them. There is also a shot of the city just after sunset, from the Presidio hill. I didn’t get to visit the Presidio, but do intend to return in the spring ($ permitting).


About rivercityweaves

I'm a mom, wife and fiber artist, living in rural Virginia. On days I'm not creating fiber art or teaching others how to, I'm probably saddle surfing on my Bianchi, or laughing with friends.
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