Crossing that line in the sand…..

The “finish line” that is. After a lovely stay with the Olivers in Capistrano, I cycled to San Elijo Beach state park and stayed the night. When I arrived, well after dark, I was put in a regular camping that had been designated as the evening’s H/B site for the evening. When I arrived, there was a van in the site. The two guys at the site, welcomed me, and said that “Kyle” was just visiting Jeff and handed me something cold to drink. Thanks;0)  The two of them just included me in their visit as if they had planned on having me all along. It was very welcoming. After Kyle left, I thoroughly enjoyed talking to Jeff and we wound up cycling almost all the way to La Jolla together the next day. Along the way, we nearly passed the Torrey Pines Hang-glider port. Fortunately, Jeff mentioned it, I remembered that Rick had told me about. We did visit it, but the day was so still that there was no flying going on. Sadly.

We parted at Torrey Pines. I cycled on across the San Diego city limits boundary, into La Jolla, and considered the tour complete. From La Jolla, I picked up a bus to the hostel, checked in and took a walk to find a Goodwill so I would have some walking around clothes. On the way, I met a couple of women who offered to help me on my way and they invited me to a spirit-filled worship service that evening. I took them up on all of their invitations and hospitality. Got a couple of days worth of clothes for about $20, and had a great time in fellowship with about 16 people in a very small house-church.

Yesterday, I toured the USS Midway, and had my truck taco. Walked 3 miles, though no cycling. Today, I hope to go to Coronado beach and cycle there, because they have a dedicated bike trail. Then I need to get Itzhak up to REI and sent on his way. The dilemna is whether to send him home, or on to Memphis. I’d like to have the rear derailleur hanger looked at by Paddy, but then I’ll have to have him shipped to Memphis afterward, or buy a craigslist bike and do the Natchez trace on a beater bike….. Probably not.

Gotta ride.

Go make your own breeze and remember: if you’re not having fun; you’re in the wrong gear.


About rivercityweaves

I'm a mom, wife and fiber artist, living in rural Virginia. On days I'm not creating fiber art or teaching others how to, I'm probably saddle surfing on my Bianchi, or laughing with friends.
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5 Responses to Crossing that line in the sand…..

  1. Steve says:

    You’ve cracked the code on shipping a bike, haven’t you? To me, that is one of the more daunting prospects of starting a tour away from home. You should put together a list of tips and publish a book.

  2. Jorge Cabrera says:

    This is Jorge (The costarrican from Sonoma County).

    I lost the card you gave me and I was cleaning my car today and I found it!!!!

    I wish someday I could do a ride like the one you did!. What an experience, I can only imagine the beautiful memories of all the places. I am very glad I was able to be a tiny part of it.

    Keep ridin’!!

    I haven’t seen your glasses, but I’ll go and check again. There’s still a mess in the back of my car. 🙂

    • rivercityweaves says:

      Hi Jorge! Glad to hear from you, friend. The glasses must have fallen out of my lap or things, then. Nothing to worry about:-)
      Hope you are well and catching some great waves. Thank you for staying in touch. California was wonderful.

  3. Jeff says:

    I really enjoyed reading your posts about your trip! Sounds like you had a blast.

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