Just…… WOW

The past couple of days have been beautiful beyond compare. The coast is lovely, but there is so much more than that. When I stayed at the hostel in San Francisco, it was convenient, affordable, fun to see/meet people from so many countries,etc. More than that, it put me back in touch with where the hostels are and how abundant they are along this route. The very next HI hostel ( I do really like Hosteling International hostels) was just 27 miles or so from San Francisco, but it’s special enough that I decided to book 3 hostels in the 75 mile span. The first was last night. It was Montara Lighthouse hostel. The outbuildings around the lighthouse are actually nice little cottages with dorm rooms and private rooms available to hostelers. The cost is very reasonable: $28 for a bed. For that, you get fresh sheets, a towel, access to the shower and kitchen….. and all the other hostelers! AND the most beautiful breakfast view that you can imagine. What fun. From this beautiful hostel, I cycled a mile north to the Peruvian tapas restaurant.  La Costanera.  (I heard they had a very good happy hour). When I arrived, I was seriously underdressed, so I asked the hostess about a place to tuck my bike, and perhaps a table out of the way somewhere…. she mentioned that they have a bar and grill downstairs that I might enjoy better. WAS she ever right!!!!!

The Bar and grill basically was on the ocean cliffs and had a fire ring, shelter from the wind, and delicious food + Peruvian beer. What a delicious evening. After a Peruvian beer and spare ribs and choripappas, I headed back to the hostel only $20 worse for the wear.

In the hostel there were many women my age. Not sure what was going on that evening, or if it has to do with the lighthouses. We do tend to be drawn to them. But I made lots of friends. While at the Montara lighthouse, I made reservations for the next lighthouse hostel…. just 27 miles down the road at Pigeon point lighthouse. It’s the 2nd tallest lighthouse in the nation.  2 of my 3 roomates tonight are the same as last night. Pretty cool.

Because I arrived too early to sign in, I cycled down the road a couple of miles to get an lunch/dinner combination at the Gazos Grill. Great salad, a couple beers, a nice burger and….. a delicious banana split.  While sitting there, I began chatting with another lady. Turns out she is the owner…. Claudia. She made some recommendations regarding my journey and assured me that bike travel along 1 through the LA area won’t be as bad as I’ve convinced myself. So, I may do it, rather than just taking a bus through. She said that Venice beach is a “must see” for people watching and that Laguna is actually quaint and beautiful, that I should see Huntington, and that  yes, the beaches are beautiful. She said the sand in some areas is probably firm enough to cycle on….. It would be fun;0)

Pigeon Point lighthouse is absolutely beautiful. There is a hot tub. There are seals snoozing on the rocks beneath the hot tub. It is another great decision in a series of wonderful decisions!



About rivercityweaves

I'm a mom, wife and fiber artist, living in rural Virginia. On days I'm not creating fiber art or teaching others how to, I'm probably saddle surfing on my Bianchi, or laughing with friends.
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2 Responses to Just…… WOW

  1. Steve says:

    Excellent pics! You’re certainly enjoying better weather than we are. Since you’re “in the neighborhood,” why not stop by LA and see if the beaches are worthwhile? Otherwise, you’ll always wonder…

  2. rivercityweaves says:

    Thanks Steve! I’ve never wondered ANYTHING about LA in my life;0) It’s such a big sprawling city. BUT, I’ll plan on exploring it a little by public transportation when I return in March to do the Southern Tier….. or whatever other crazy adventure I’ve cooked up by then.

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