Testing new tent and continued preparations

Just to catch up. I did a metric century with friends on Saturday. It was tough. I’m not riding much these days, and it’s showing in my stamina. We got rained on, after the 50 mile mark. A soaking rain. It washed water down into my eyes, and stung them. This leads me to believe that I need to wash my helmet sometimes. I assume the burning was from something washing down out of the pads in the helmet.

I’ve been working on my gear, and my packing and preparations. In an effort to downsize, I’ve reduced my tent size from 5 lbs to 3, by changing from an REI Half dome to a Eureka Solitaire. Last night, I spent in a violent storm, sleeping in my front yard in the Solitaire, to test it. Though it’s a very dry tent, it’s basically a tube, or cocoon that lays on the ground, and isn’t tall enough to sit up in. As a result, it would be very difficult to seek sanctuary from the elements in to for hours at a time, comfortably. It’s also difficult to change clothes in, and to carry out other basic functions requiring privacy or shelter. Though I’ll use it for the days I’m with my husband in the Seattle area, I’ll “pass” on using it for the long journey. The tiny vestibule doesn’t really allow enough room for me to bring my panniers into the tent overnight.

The Solitaire on the right, The REI dome on the left

I was crowded with the clothes off my back, my shoes, my tent toilet, handlebar bag, and pillow.My original decision to buy the 2 person REI half dome was the right one.The next thing that reduced my load, is that my Sandisk Cardreader became uncooperative, and I had to buy a new card reader. The new reader is not much larger than a dongle, and doesn’t require a cord. That’s a good thing, because the netbook has a cord, the ipod has a cord, the GPS has a cord, and the phone has a cord!!!! too much to keep up with. Several things have been taken care of in preparation for the departure on Sat, but there is still much to do, so I’ll keep today’s post brief, and just mention that I have gotten a prayer partner and we will be studying together and encouraging one another while I’m out of fellowship with my church family. Another lady friend of mine has volunteered to partner with me spiritually also. This is good and welcome news.

I finally got my Ortleib panniers fixed. If you remember, I bought them damaged, hoping to have them fixed under the warranty, which the company explained doesn’t work that way. But they sold me the parts to do the repair, and the panniers are in excellent order, and it cost me very little to take care of it!  I’ve found and committed to buy a pair of Vaude panniers, and will let you know how that goes. They are lovely and appear to be like the Sports packers by Ortleib. Gotta go. More another time.  I need to go make a deposit, and then complete the commission on the loom downstairs and make some Swedish Limpa Bread. It’s been something I’ve been wanting and promising myself I would do for 2 weeks, and yet haven’t had the time to do it, as it’s a lengthy process.

Go make your own breeze, and remember: if you’re not having fun; you’re in the wrong gear!



About rivercityweaves

I'm a mom, wife and fiber artist, living in rural Virginia. On days I'm not creating fiber art or teaching others how to, I'm probably saddle surfing on my Bianchi, or laughing with friends.
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6 Responses to Testing new tent and continued preparations

  1. lovethybike says:

    Exciting stuff! I love the your final sentence!

  2. kathyjacobson says:

    if u r in the wilton/norwalk area again …i am just off the bike trail..between wilton and norwalk would love for u to stop for a rest/meal

  3. Amy George says:

    The stinging could have been your sunscreen!

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