Preparing for the tour – Pacific Coast

Well, I’m back in preparation mode. I can’t think about much of anything but getting ready. Several people have  contacted me about riding with. Hooray. I’ve been looking at lots of pannier options and have ordered the hardware to repair my Ortleibs. Routing the journey and chatting with folks who have just done the trip, too!

People talk to me, and I don’t hear a word they say, because I’m on the coast of Oregon, cycling south with a killer tailwind. Waves are beating against the rocky cliffs and the salt spray coats my skin. I’m stoked! Can’t wait.

Today, I looked up our tickets to Seattle, and just stared for 10 minutes. Next, I decided I had to go ahead and book our hotel, because the flight arrives at 12:30….. just past midnight and we won’t have bikes, so we’ll have to stay in an airport hotel. They book quickly, don’t they? Anyway, we’re booked. John is working on our accomodations on the peninsula.

The folks at Washington dept of tourism said,”sorry, no paper maps were printed because of the economy. We have nothing to give you.”! They did recommend the DOT site, however and what great info is there! As well, for Oregon. The ferry ride to the peninsula is about $8.50 each (including bikes).

What an exciting day. Can’t wait. 19 days and counting.  Oh, did I mention the hours I’ve spent daydreaming about what the new handlebars are going to look like, feel like, and how I’m going to wrap them? Haha. What silly daydreams I have. Once Itzhak is out of the shop, I’ll post pictures of him with the new handlebar.

The REI Itzhak will be shipped to is Practically next door to the airport. That should be easy. The tricky part is going to be finding the bike for John, and getting it on the exact day we want it. Since we are getting it off craigslist.  That could be a “nailbiter”.

Stay tuned!

Go make your own breeze and remember: if you’re not having fun; you’re in the wrong gear;0)


About rivercityweaves

I'm a mom, wife and fiber artist, living in rural Virginia. On days I'm not creating fiber art or teaching others how to, I'm probably saddle surfing on my Bianchi, or laughing with friends.
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2 Responses to Preparing for the tour – Pacific Coast

  1. Steve says:

    Round 2, here we come! Well, here you come, at any rate. With your vast experience from this spring, are there any lessons learned that you are going to apply to this leg of the tour?

    • rivercityweaves says:

      That’s such a good question.
      I started to write you a response, but it got so long that I decided to use it as a topic for a post.
      Thanks! More to come;0)

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