St. Cloud to Long Prairie

St. Cloud to Long Prairie What a glorious day for cycling. I got up so early, that after showering, and packing up, checking e-mail, and piddling, I could no longer wait to get on the road. It was my desire to stay around long enough to say good-bye to Loretta, who had paid for my campsite last night because she loved what I’m doing. Thank you Loretta. I thought I still had a days ride to get to Royalton and on the A/C Northern Tier maps. Knowing that, I headed back to where I last knew where I was. I stopped at a BK and picked up breakfast. The manager in the BK asked about my destination, and my route. He commented that I could just take Rt. 10. It’s an intrastate, and goes straight up to Fargo! Very cool, but I’m not sure that he’s right about me being OK to take the intrastate. Besides, I want to see some of the scenery. I rode around town, looking for something….. not knowing exactly what. Then I began looking for a restroom. I passed one vagabond 3 times, and he finally spoke. ASked where I was going, and I kind of called out, as I passed. Then I realized that was a rude way to speak to someone. I went back, and we talked. He was expressing a genuine interest in what I’m doing. He told me that yes, I could take 10 up and gave me wonderful directions to get to 10. He wished me luck, and I wished him well, also. He goes on the prayer list. He looks like he lives a hard life. I got onto 10 and cycled with both a natural tail-wind, and one created by passing trucks. My speed was frequently over 20 mph, and rarely under 12. This is flying, compared to all previous days. in 4.5 hours, I had done 60 miles and quite for the day. I found a nice quiet campground, much earlier in the day, and found it easily. Turns out, that I’ am a good navigator in the car because I use limited access roadways. Unfortunately, I don’t want my entire trip to be ridden on limited access roadways. It was nice today, though. Adjacent to the campground in Long Prairie, is a thrift store. I picked up a cheap novel, after setting up camp, and went to the tent to read. I don’t often eat dinners when I’m in a campground, because there aren’t often restaurants very close. No wifi, but the bathrooms are clean and the water pressure is great in the shower. It’s a quiet campground, with few people here, this time of year. It’s a peaceful evening.


About rivercityweaves

I'm a mom, wife and fiber artist, living in rural Virginia. On days I'm not creating fiber art or teaching others how to, I'm probably saddle surfing on my Bianchi, or laughing with friends.
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