Long Prairie to Eagle Lake

Long Prairie to Eagle Lake. Today, I am finally getting on the A/C Northern Tier maps. I made so much progress yesterday, that I’m not pressed for time to be in Fargo on Monday, when I have a warm showers host lined up. It’s the first time on this trip that I’ll receive a package from home. I sent John the address, and asked for some of the warm weather things I had sent home earlier. John and I talk. The weather forecast has changed, and what was to be a fair day now has a forecast of rain. John says it’s not due until late in the day. I head out. First, Breakfast at BK. There is no other place that serves breakfast here. While at BK, a man approaches me, and asks about the bike. We chat. He is a cyclist also. We talk about his cycling, my journey, the trails, etc. After a few minutes, he offers me the use of his (his family’s) cabin at Eagle Lake. Well, John said I have until 5 pm to ride, before the rain starts and I’m hoping to make the most of that, but it looks to me, like the bottom is ready to fall out, right now. I tell Krister, that I probably wont use it, but thanks for the directions and permission. Then I remember the reason I think I’m on this trip. I’m too independent, and God is trying to teach me to allow other people to help. It’s time to learn to say, “Yes, thank you. I can use your help”. So, I say maybe so. We part, and I begin my adventure anew, using the route maps. Just giving it a try. Probably not going to stick to it, strictly. Uh, how do I get to County Rd 38? OH, thanks! The maps work very well. I miss my first turn, and have to retrace 2 miles, but then I have the hang of it. I’m flying. Again, a tail-wind all day. The hills are a joy, and there is virtually no traffic, but it starts raining before 11 am. Out comes the rain gear, and off we go again. The first 32 miles are a cinch. Somewhere along the way, I stop and have a taco salad at Sheila’s in Rose City. Then I’m back on the road. 10 miles later, having a wifi withdrawal, I stop at a diner and see if I can get wifi. TAAAAADDDAAAHHHHHHH! I have it briefly, so enjoy an ice cream cone and post a few quickies and read e-mails. Back on the road in the rain. It feels very familiar at this point. It’s rained on me so many days on this journey. But Minnesota and it’s rich, black soil, smells so good in the rain. Krister and the A/C map both mentioned Inspiration peak. It’s a place where Sinclair Lewis used to go and sit and admire the beauty around him, and write or get inspired to write. I visited it today. It was one of those rare times, that I set the bike aside, and visited a site along the way. It was a brief hike and a lovely view. This should be a more regular happening along this trip. Much of today’s trip is through marshland and protected wetland. I see a lot of large white herons, and several pelicans in the marsh. I also see a lot of turkeys in the dryer areas, and even pheasant. It’s a wonderful day to ride. Though it’s raining, the raingear is doing it’s job and my feet are dry, thanks to the shoes I got from Judith in Pepin. After hours of cycling in the rain, I have to turn and stay on the map, or choose to go to the cabin on the lake for the night. I’m wet and chilled finally. I choose the lake. A quick call to Krister to let him know, and off to the cabin. HA! It’s no cabin. It’s a beautiful A-frame house with an attached A-frame garage. I love it. Right on the water, and he offers me use of one of the cars also!? I’m really blessed by such trust and kindness. I explain that I’m working on a gas-free year of travel, and appreciate the offer of the use of a car but I decline. If it continues to rain tomorrow, it’s fine for me to stay another day. OH and feel free to eat anything there, and use the washer and dryer. WOW! This is so excellent. I really didn’t pass a grocery store all day, so I didn’t buy groceries, but there is enough here, to feed me. And I haven’t cooked in quite a while. It’s nice to have some real food, rather than restaurant food. I tossed some fettucini with broccoli and caramelized some onion, tossed it all together, and voila! A delicious dinner. I’m warm, dry; my laundry is done, and both I and all my clothes are clean at the same time. It’s truly a fresh start. It’s been a beautiful day. In the ride, and in the kindness I have experienced from everyone I encountered today. On that note, I’m going to sleep. It is still pouring rain, so this will probably be my little warm cave tomorrow also. To look out across this lake, and see the lights aglow on the opposite shore is very heart-warming. Tomorrow is the anniversary of my mother’s death. It’s a good day to be cozy in a house on the water. Mom always enjoyed a house on the water, and I often visited her at those houses. We would talk, and watch the kids, and she would give the children things she had picked up at the thrift store, and we would eat incessantly….. a lot of times, it was nachos, or some variation of that.


About rivercityweaves

I'm a mom, wife and fiber artist, living in rural Virginia. On days I'm not creating fiber art or teaching others how to, I'm probably saddle surfing on my Bianchi, or laughing with friends.
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4 Responses to Long Prairie to Eagle Lake

  1. Ron Corio says:

    Kudos to you, Cherri, for allowing yourself to accept the gift of others. That must have made Krister happy. You must be doing a lot of reflection on your trip. Pedaling circles for hours each day has a way of inviting reflection. Snuggled alone on a warm cozy nest at lakeside will also spur self-though.

  2. rivercityweaves says:

    I’m trying so hard, to learn to accept the kind help of others. If you experienced the violent storm, with hail and unbelievable winds last night, you would realize that Krister and his family really offered me some very necessary protection!

  3. Jennifer says:

    I have also been the beneficiary of Krister, and his wife Michelle’s, kindness. While going through my divorce, they allowed me to live in their lovely home while they spent the summer in the cabin you stayed in. Their gift of a time and a space to regroup was a blessing that was, and is, unbelievable to me. I feel a karmic debt to the universe to someday pay that forward. I know I can never repay them for their generosity – for one, they wouldn’t accept it – but I can make myself open to giving to others when I am able. Good luck on your journey – I bike too – and I hope you enjoy many tailwinds and chance encounters along the way.

    • rivercityweaves says:

      Wow! How wonderful that you share this with me. Believe it or not, I’ve experienced such kindness throughout my trip. And it definitely raises the standard by which I will continue to live, also. Tailwinds and Joy to you Jennifer.

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