Elroy to Onalaska

Elroy, WI has a fairgrounds complex with ballfield etc, that has several campsights. I used that campground this week. Slept well, and awakened very early. I headed into town at 6:00 am, in search of coffee and breakfast, as I hadn’t had dinner the night before. I found a wonderful place, “The Elroy Family Restaurant”. It’s owned by a Romanian lady. She is very young, and has done a great job on the restaurant. Everything was delicious, and the service friendly. I highly recommend this as a stop when you are cycling the “400 Trail” in WI. The 400 is a part of the 4 Trails that are connected and offer 100 miles of continuous trail cycling.

Some of my friends have “bought me lunch” through Paypal, or otherwise, on my journey. I save the money and use it for something special. I had thought I was going to spend my lunch money from Ron Corio at Niagara, but just didn’t find something “special” there. So, the breakfast in Elroy was my Ron Corio meal. Thank you Ron. I so enjoyed chatting with Laura, the owner of the restaurant. Because of what you do at VCU, it seems fitting to celebrate my friendship with this lady, and her success by having this as the lunch from you, who teaches international students. I believe you would really like Laura.

Yesterday was difficult. I was dehydrated from the sunburn. I was lethargic, and the thunderstorms were putting me off the trail at about 11 miles in. I was thinking that was all the mileage I was going to get yesterday, spent several hours at the library, and then dinner in the local bar, as there was no other eatery in town. Thankfully, dessert was a clear sky and i dashed out of Wilton. Onward toward Sparta. 5 miles along the trail, I was about to pass out. I stopped and laid down on a bench for 20 min. Then proceeded toward Sparta again. Arrived as the sun was setting. There was no indication of what amenities were in town, nor which way to turn to get into town. Hmmmmm. Call my amazing mate! He can help me.

John found a campground just a couple miles away. He is wonderful. In trying to get to the campground, I got lost and it got dark. A young couple trying to clean up after an auto accident that the young man had had on 5/1 offered to help. We piled the bike in Samantha’s little car, and we all piled in with it. She drove me to the campground in Leon, and I assured them that I’ll pray for them. The young man has a huge scar, and a drainage tube still, and he was out there repairing the man’s fence that he ran into! I think Chase and Samantha are wonderful.

I stayed at the Leon Campground. It was great. I’ll try to post a link later. They took good care of me.

I was up and on the trail again by 8:30 this morning. The scenery is lovely. I’ve seen cranes, and deer and snakes. I also met a very amazing man. I’m going to tell you about him in a separate post. I want an entire post about Dave.


About rivercityweaves

I'm a mom, wife and fiber artist, living in rural Virginia. On days I'm not creating fiber art or teaching others how to, I'm probably saddle surfing on my Bianchi, or laughing with friends.
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2 Responses to Elroy to Onalaska

  1. Ron Corio says:

    Wow! An early riding mower and killer trainer. Great photo.

  2. rivercityweaves says:

    Haha! I got a kick out of that lawn mower;0) And the fact that this town calls itself the bicycling capital of the US…?????

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